SURE Certification

What is the Sure (Sustainable Resource Verification Scheme) certification scheme?


The SURE certification scheme is a biofuel supply chain verification scheme to demonstrate compliance with the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) 2018/2001.

Under the Renewable Energy Directive, operators producing electricity and heat from biomass must demonstrate the origin and sustainable production and use of the biomass they use.

The following materials are covered by the SURE certification scheme:

  • Agricultural biomass and related wastes;
  • Forest biomass and related wastes;
  •  Biowaste.

Why the SURE certification scheme?

Voluntary certification schemes (such as SURE) are considered as one way of documenting and demonstrating compliance with the criteria described in the Renewable Energy Directive and the mass balance system. The SURE scheme has been evaluated and approved by the EU Commission to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of RED II.

The SURE system has been developed as a comprehensive scheme covering the entire supply chain, thereby helping to demonstrate the compliance of the whole chain with sustainability criteria and ensuring the required reporting as a mass balance system.


Through SURE certification you ensure:

  •  Following and reporting the sustainability requirements of the Renewable Energy Directive;
  • Impartial auditing and a certificate to prove it (proof for the Environmental Board);
  • Assurance for your partners and customers in complying with sustainability requirements and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Certification process

The first step towards certification is to understand what your raw material supply chain is like. From there, the necessary verification and certification system can be put in place.

Feel free to contact us to determine the supply chain and to get a walk-through of the process.

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