Product Certification and CE marking

The purpose of the regulation of construction products and CE marking is to eliminate technical obstacles between member states in trading in the European Economic Area. A CE marking and a declaration of performance contain important information about the product which helps the clients and end users to check the performance of the product and compare it to other products. A CE marking shows that the manufacturer has assessed the product pursuant to the applicable requirements and the product is compliant with the safety, health, and environmental requirements of the European Union.

CE marking of a product is compulsory if the product is subject to the harmonised European standard (hEN) or the European Technical Assessment (ETA) and a CE marking is the only option for demonstrating compliance of the product or system with the regulation of construction products.

NSC Estonia OÜ has been approved in the European Union as a notified body (notified body no. 2866) and is entitled to issue relevant certificates. The approval and field of a notified body can be verified in the NANDO database.

The certification process (overview)

1. Inquiry
Please send us your inquiry or contact us. We will hear your ideas and wishes and introduce you the various options available.

2. Application and quotation
We will determine the field of your certification and draw up a quotation based on this.

3. Agreement
If you accept the quotation, we will send you the certification agreement for reading and signing. After signing the agreement, we can launch the certification process.

4. Audit
Our experienced auditor will perform the initial certification audit which will include assessment of your documentation, visits to your units, etc. pursuant to the applicable standards.

5. The certificate
Once you have successfully passed the certification process, a respective certificate will be issued to you to prove this. You may now market and label your products with a CE marking.


In addition to certification of wood products, we also provide various training courses on grading of the wood material based on the following standards::

  • INSTA 142 (visual strength grading of sawn timber C14/C18/C24/C30);
  • BS 4978 (visual strength grading of sawn timber C16/C24);
  • BS 5534 tiling battens (visual strength grading of timber battens);
  • BS 2482 scaffold boards (visual strength grading of timber scaffold boards).
Further Information:

Visual strength grading course - INSTA 142 / BS4978

Date: 06-08.02.2023

Place: Järvamaa Kutsehariduskeskus, Estonia

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NCS  Estonia OÜ
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+372 508 4318

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