Forest Management certification

Forest management certification and the certificate issued demonstrate that the owner of the forest manages their forests in an environment-friendly and sustainable manner and observes the requirements of the forest management standard. This includes monitoring of the developments occurring in the forest, making sure that a new generation of the forest can grow, keeping an eye on the health of the forests, and preserving the natural diversity.

Any forest owner who manages forests responsibly and is prepared to observe the FSC® and/or PEFC forest management standard can apply for a forest management certificate.

Forest management certification is divided in two as follows:

  • Forest management through individual certification of the owner’s activity
  • Forest management by using regional or group certification

The certification process (overview)

1. The inquiry

If you would like us to send you a quotation or further information, please send us the inquiry below. We will be in touch and let you know how to proceed.

2. The application and quotation

Our auditor will contact you, specify the field of the certification, and draw up a quotation. The volume of the works which are related to the certification process depends on the size and location of the forest land certified, as well as on the number of the forest owners certified in the case of group certification.

3. The agreement

You will be given an overview of and will receive (the) certification contract(s). A certification contract is entered into with a company which accepts the quotation. After signing the contracts, we can launch the certification process.

4. The audit

The audit consists of two stages, with compliance of the documentation with the requirements of the standard assessed in the first stage. The aim of the second stage is to assess the efficiency of the forest management standard by the forest owner. An agreed number of forest plots are visited within the framework of the audit. Any observations made in the course of the audit are analysed with the

forest owner, explaining the impact on the findings on the profitability of the client’s activity. The outcome of the certification audit is presented to the client in the form of a written report.

5. The certificate

Once you have successfully passed the certification process, a respective certificate will be issued to you to prove this. You will also be entitled to use the FSC® and/or PEFC™ logos and trademark.

Further Information:

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NCS  Estonia OÜ
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+372 508 4318

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